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Village of Republican City

Welcome to Republican City!

PO Box 36 Republican City, NE 68971 (308)920-2243

Clerk/ Treasurer Job Description

Minutes- Record minutes of every meeting, submit to local newspaper within 30 days of meetings and post on village website.

Meetings- Prepare and post agenda prior to meeting. Prepare and distribute meeting packets for/to Trustees. Packets include agenda, minutes from prior meeting(s), monthly/quarterly financial statements, bank reconciliations, deposit detail, claims detail, credit information statement . Attend all regular and special meetings.

Utility Billing- Prepare files for meter reading, read meters via handheld reader, prepare computer files to transfer to billing system. Create, print, mail 230+ bills. Review billing reports for possible leaks at individual residences/businesses. Collect payments for utility billing. Responsible for past due bills, applying late payment fees and collecting past due accounts. Maintain billing records including move-ins/outs and final billings. File and pay sales tax payable to the state. Responsible for recording and depositing all utility payments. Review rates to determine if current rates are sufficient to cover expenses. Prepare annual reports for the USDA.

Licenses- Coordinate liquor license and tobacco licenses with the state. Collect fees (state and local occupational tax) for licenses and distribute state fees to school system annually. Distribute licenses and collect licensing fees for dog licenses.

Payroll- Responsible for maintaining accurate payroll records, figuring salary/wages including state and federal withholdings, filing state and federal payroll withholding forms and remitting payment to the Nebraska Department of Revenue and the IRS on a monthly and quarterly basis. Create and maintain annual W-2 for employees and filing with the IRS and Nebraska Department of Revenue.

Budget- Complete and file annual budget with the county and state. Completing the budget consists of figuring one year prior and current income/expenses based on review of prior year’s financial documents and current fiscal year financial documents. Computing the upcoming fiscal year budget consists of reviewing past financial data and estimating what expenses/income will be for the future year, all while meeting the cash reserve to disbursements ratio as required by the state.

Annual Audit- Act as Liason between auditors and village. Prepare financial statements, bank statements, payroll information, meeting minutes, Fund transfer information, annual budget, Quickbooks backup, copies of County Treasurer monthly collection reports, health insurance information prior to on-site visit. During on-site visit, answer questions regarding claims/deposits, payroll, financial statements and provide access to all claims and deposits.

Village Website- Responsible for maintaining the village website. Verify that information is accurate and current. Post meeting notices/agendas and meeting minutes as well as current events in village.

Records- Maintain all village records for specific time as required by the State of Nebraska.

Claims- Receive, verify all claims and pay in a timely manner. Assign each claim to the proper fund for accurate recordkeeping.

Ambulance Billing- Responsible for submitting all information required for ambulance calls. Verify payments received and fees paid.

Clerk Job Description

  • Prepare and post agenda/notice for all meetings
  • Prepare and deliver Trustee meeting packets
  • Attend all meetings
  • Record and publish minutes for all meetings
  • Review and distribute licenses- liquor, tobacco, dog
  • Read water meters
  • Maintain billing information for utility billing
  • Create, review and mail utility bills
  • Answer all phone calls and emails
  • Maintain all records for time lengths specified by the State
  • Maintain Ordinance, Zoning and Basic Code books
  • Organize and maintain all office records
  • Maintain and update village website
  • Submit required records for Ambulance billing
  • Liason for Quad County Hazard Mitigation

Treasurer Job Description

  • Collect and deposit money received
  • Prepare monthly financial statements
  • Prepare annual Treasurer’s report
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Review and pay claims
  • Prepare and submit annual budget
  • Prepare requested information for annual audit
  • Maintain all financial records for time lengths specified by the State
  • Prepare and maintain payroll records and paychecks
  • Submit monthly and quarterly withholding reports and make payments
  • Collect and submit sales tax payable
  • Transfer funds